Clone! Fight! Repeat!

Addicting strategy-action mobile game with unique mechanics, ranked multiplayer and challenging story mode.


  • Experience UNIQUE game mechanics and clone your soldiers.
  • Compete in 1v1 MULTIPLAYER ranked matches.
  • Discover new CHALLENGE MODE every week.
  • Unlock various UNITS and VEHICLES and upgrade your army.
  • Complete challenging STORY MODE with multiple BOSS FIGHTS.
  • Create infinite armies in SANDBOX MODE.
  • Customize your BASE and protect it.

Press Kit!

Download  *.rar press kit with additional info and assets here.

I am loving this game!
TheGameHuntah Gaming Youtuber
One of the most challenging action platformer I played in a while.
NimbleThor YouTuber
I never have played a game like this.
Sir jerr the sir Player



What is Clone Armies?

Clone Armies is thrilling 2D shooter with unique mechanics released on Android phones and iOS. When you die, you clone yourself again and your previous clone copy your previous movements!

Will you add more content? When?

We are constantly making game better on daily basis with frequent updates. Sometimes, there is huge update and yes, you can expect new units, skins, layouts or new features. Stay tuned.

Is there any multiplayer?

Yes! The 1v1 multiplayer is core of this game. Dive into the battle right now, acquire new units, equipment, upgrade it and climb the ladder!

Is it pay to win?

Definitely not. Altough you can buy more gold coins via microtransactions, it will only speed up your progress slightly. We hate pay to win games.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us about anything, anytime!