Shoot. Fight. Die. Repeat!

This is not your everyday 2D shooter. Clone Armies are different, new and fresh!


We are small indie development studio working from Prague. This game is our passion and we work hard to make it better, more fun and more polished for you every day. We absolutely love the community around this game and we will continue to deliver the best possible player's experience for you.


What is Clone Armies?

Clone Armies is thrilling 2D shooter with unique mechanics released on Android phones and soon to be released for iOS! When you die, you clone yourself again and your previous clone copy your previous movements!

Will you add more content? When?

We are constantly making game better on daily basis with frequent updates. Sometimes, there is huge update and yes, you can expect new units, items, missions or game modes in monsters like this! Stay tuned.

Is there any multiplayer?

Yes! Right now, you can play with your best friend or even random stranger in CO-OP mode. Also, right now our team is working hard on SKIRMISH mode, where you will be able to compete against other players!

Why is Frederico's hair so messy?

Pretty good question. The main reason is simple - he does not comb because he does not have a comb, but even if he'd have it, he has more important things to do! Like conquer the whole world!

And who is Frederico? Download, and find for yourselves!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us using form below, anytime!